Mix of Portraits

Here a few samples of portraits from some of my past photo shoots.


I'm an artistic portrait photographer trying to celebrate human life through my photography. I try to add a little bit of flavour to my images through my themes, techniques and post processing - so the reality isn't as boring anymore. Most of my images are done outdoors with natural light, and only with one camera and a couple of prime lenses. I'm person who firmly believes photography is a creative art and it's the image maker who is the most important part. All my photography themes are created, executed and edited by myself.  I am a member of the Canadian Association for Photographic Art (CAPA) and a former Executive Member of my local photography club "Richmond Photo Club" (Estd 1980). Also I have completed and passed the 'National Judging Course' by 'Canadian Association of Photographic Art' and am currently gaining experience working as a photography judge.  I have won multiple awards from the competitions in Canada including a bronze medal from CAPA for one of my artistic portrait photos.

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